Apartment vs Independent House: How to Make the Right Choice

When buying a home, a common dilemma is whether to choose to live in an apartment vs independent house. An important aspect of this decision comes down to an economical standpoint, but at the same time, there are other factors to consider before making such an important choice.


The number of people that will be living under one roof can greatly impact the debate between flat vs independent houses. Many people choose to opt for an independent home if the family is a large one, such as a joint family. Nuclear families, on the other hand, are seen to be more inclined towards an apartment. Many times, couples that are just beginning to start a family choose to buy an independent home for the suburban lifestyle, offering plenty of space for family activities.

Living space

One difference between a house and an apartment is the space each offers for households of different sizes. This also means that the two types of residences can be utilised differently, with apartments being more compact and independent homes more spacious. Apartments generally follow a fixed floor plan for each unit, but with a house, you have the freedom of choice with design and construction. You can tailor the interiors of either residence to your liking and convenience, with designated spaces like offices, home theatres, and more.

And with independent houses, you have the added benefit of building an extra room or expanding it by breaking down a wall. Moreover, you can choose the flooring, walls, built-in shelves, and other specifications of the like based on how you envision the space. For example, if you want to bring in a rustic vibe with some vintage decor, you can choose customised wallpapers, lighting and floorboards to set the tone. At the same time, apartments follow a cohesive design, making decorating and renovating a lot more simplified and hassle-free. An apartment space also gives you the opportunity at creativity to make the best of the space provided and prevents clutter, which might get away from you with an independent house.


A defining factor in the debate of apartment vs independent house is the costs incurred. An independent house that you are constructing will obviously prove more costly, with expenses for material and labour. Moreover, there are costs like the price of the plot, and other government approvals and clearances, which need to be paid to set up electricity, water, and other amenities. Apartments are a lot less expensive, with such costs being taken care of by the builder.

Purchasing a home on a loan is an option that allows you to cut high expenditure down, but lenders are more likely to sanction loans faster and more willingly for the sale of an apartment. This is because there are rigorous checks that must take place to verify the income and credit eligibility of home buyers.


Another key difference between houses and apartments is the availability of different amenities. Apartments come readily available with round the clock security, a backup power generator, a waste management system, and a host of maintenance and cleaning staff, including gardeners. It is not impossible to hire the same staff for an independent house, but a resident must seek out this help on their own. This can have its own perks – owners can personalize these amenities better to get the best quality. In turn, the expenses on this can cut costs in the long run.


The maintenance and upkeep of any type of property are crucial to the longevity of the home. When looking at a flat vs independent house, buyers will agree that a flat is regularly maintained without much of a hassle, whereas an independent house requires a sustained effort by the resident. This consistent labour can be expensive as well, not to mention time-consuming. However, if you are constructing the house, you can look to use sturdy and weather-resistant materials and paints of the best quality. If done smartly, this can cut your costs and efforts down considerably.
While it is easy to narrow in on the particulars of apartments vs independent houses, weighing the pros and cons doesn’t always have to be a choice. With rowhouse communities and premium apartment complexes, it is a lot easier to reap the benefits that apartments and houses have to offer, all available no matter what type of residence. Visit MyRealty Expo for luxury projects spanning apartments, villas and row houses that always offer the best of both worlds.

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